Returning Clients

These sessions are opportunities for clients who have already had a Soul Realignment session with me to continue with ongoing support

Chakra Reading

This reading goes into detail about each of your chakras.  You will learn how each chakra is functioning on the emotional, mental and physical level. We will discuss ways to bring your chakra system in balance on all levels.

This reading is a great follow-up to your initial soul realignment session.

Spirit Guides Reading

This reading goes into detail about how your inner and outer spirit guide teams are structured, and who exactly is on your team. You’ll learn what the role of each guide is, their area of expertise, and if they are channeling a specific message to you.

This reading is a great follow-up to your initial soul realignment session. Together we can develop an action plan for how to specifically use your guides for support specifically or ongoingly depending on your unique situation.

Readings For Situation Specific Issues

You can book this reading when new situations arise in your life that need clearing or you require further guidance about your business, health or personal life. I can also look more fully at your life lessons, chakra system and Divine gifts, read your Soul’s frequency and ask for channeled messages from your Spirit Guides. 

This is best scheduled at least 3 months after your initial soul realignment so that your initial clearing has time to settle.

Relationship Reading

This is a perfect support tool to work together with your partner (personal or professional) to further understand your relationship dynamics, ways to support each other’s gifts, identify negative patterns, and open up constructive communication to harmonize relationship. 

We’ll discuss how your unique energies, soul characteristics & Divine gifts, and clear any karma between you that does not serve alignment with your highest purpose

This reading is also a perfect foundation for ongoing work together to support long term harmony and development of positive communication skills as well as how to identify and interrupt dysfunctional patterns and uncover new tools to break through long term patterning that does not support alignment with your highest and best self.

Family Readings

This is a perfect support tool to parent from the empowered perspective of understanding your child’s innate gifts, strengths and talents and parenting with the intention to fully support natural alignment with your child’s highest and best self. 

You will learn how to:

  • encouraging choices that support your child’s natural gifts; 
  • understand why and how they act in certain ways;
  • help them (and you) understand and accept them exactly as they are;
  • parent to their unique strengths and qualities rather than by societal dictates;
  • encourage and foster open, collaborative and harmonious communication through all transitions of their life.

Readings can be done for children as young as 3 months old. 

One Simple Change

Transformation can only come through active choices we make. This is perfect support for anyone interested in learning more about how the choice to make one simple change in the way we use our mind can lead to a life of mental and emotional stability, clarity and skillful relating in all areas of life. This offering begins with an introduction (2 hour call) and then the opportunity to deepen the introduction through 12 week training. 

If you are interested in more information, please email me at: