What do I offer?

Most of my work will be done remotely as I search your Akashic Record to:

Once I have gathered and prepared your specific “soul story” we will have a 60-90 min. video call to speak together about key findings and action steps for transformational change.

I will send you a recording of our call together so that you can have ongoing access to your reading, This allows you to stay present and relaxed during our call. I like to consider us a team working towards a common goal so your input and participation during the sharing of your reading is valued.

I will also send you “clearing homework” that we will speak about on our call and you will have email access to me for 3 weeks after our call.

What results can you expect?

  • Discovering your authentic self, and why you make the decisions that you do – consciously and unconsciously
  • How to best be in alignment with your life purpose
  • Clarity on your primordial purpose and strengths/gifts
  • How to identify people, places and things that do not align with your highest self and what is needed to bring everything into better alignment;
  • Being able to communicate your needs and wants more clearly to your loved ones, resulting in better relationships
  • Knowing what actions to take that will help you thrive in all life aspects – career, home, love life etc.
  • Having the ability to identify the warning signs of when you are moving out of alignment, so that you can course correct immediately.

There are many other readings and areas of support I offer after this initial reading.
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Contact information:

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