What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records provide deep insights into our soul’s purpose, gifts, and challenges. It offers a broader perspective on our life experiences and patterns, it unveils and clarifies a deeper understanding of our journey on a soul level, unveiling the reasons behind certain relationships, circumstances, and life lessons, enabling us to make sense of our experiences and find greater clarity.

The Records provide guidance, inspiration, and clarity on the choices, opportunities, and paths that are in alignment with our true selves. By tapping into the wisdom of the Records, you can unlock your potential, expand your consciousness, and accelerate personal growth and results.

The Akashic Records are essentially like the internet for the myriad choices available to us at our soul level. It is a vast energetic repository of information that transcends time and space. The Records contain the essence of our soul’s journey, recording every thought, emotion, action, and experience from the moment of our soul’s creation.

The Records provide information on your spiritual gifts and anything from your present and/or past lives that are keeping you from fully expressing your gifts and living in alignment with your highest purpose.
When you know yourself as divine creator of your experience you know you are the higher power, so this resolves all mystery of why things show up

Life doesn’t happen to us…we are the only creator there is.