Hi, I'm Robin

I have been working in transformational healing since 2007 assisting many people all over the world to live their best life, by understanding the nature of their mind and the energies of their bodies and how these work together to create lasting and empowering change.

I am passionate about helping people in practical, down to earth, relatable ways that will result in immediate benefit. Harmonizing relationship is key whether that is the relationship we have with ourselves, with our partners (personal and professional) with our friendship groups and most especially between parent and child.

I have a Master’s degree in healthcare management and begin to express my passion to help people through consulting in this field. I am also the mother of two girls, and an avid athlete. I love to hike, bike, play tennis, basketball and swim.

I learned many wonderful life lessons through my involvement in sports and spent over a decade coaching basketball at the youth, high school, college and AAU level. It was here that I saw the struggles of so many.

Having also experienced a divorce, the havoc addiction caused in my family, many struggles within my family of origin, anxiety, self-worth, fears of vulnerability, years of blaming and shaming others for how I felt, and knowing there was a higher and greater purpose for my life yet never knowing how to truly access that, I began looking inward and doing my own work to better myself so that I could better help others.

Now I support people on a spiritual path to gain clarity about themselves, the habitual patterns that restrict full alignment with their highest and greatest good, and work together to clear these patterns to create lasting transformation of ease, and abundance in their health, relationships and business.

I look forward to working together and seeing you flourish in an empowered life with less suffering, drama and chaos!