Live the life you have always wanted to with ease and abundance

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, an Akashic Record reading is the perfect first step for making transformational choices to live your best life and align yourself with your higher power.

Hi, I'm Robin

I have been working in transformational healing since 2007 assisting many people all over the world to live their best life, understanding the nature of their mind and the energies of their bodies and how these work together to create lasting and empowering change.

I am passionate about helping people in practical, down to earth, relatable ways that will result in immediate benefit. Harmonizing relationship is key whether that is the relationship we have with ourselves, with our partners (personal and professional) with our friendship groups and most especially between parent and child.

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What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records provide deep insights into our soul’s purpose, gifts, and challenges. It offers a broader perspective on our life experiences and patterns, it unveils and clarifies a deeper understanding of our journey on a soul level, unveiling the reasons behind certain relationships, circumstances, and life lessons, enabling us to make sense of our experiences and find greater clarity.

The Records provide guidance, inspiration, and clarity on the choices, opportunities, and paths that are in alignment with our true selves. By tapping into the wisdom of the Records, you can unlock your potential, expand your consciousness, and accelerate personal growth and results.
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